Good Food and Good Fun at Jiashan Market

Good Food and Good Fun at Jiashan Market

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If you live in Shanghai and haven’t been to Jiashan Market, let me tell you… You’re missing out on deliciousness! There are some seriously talented people in this city, selling made to order shawarma and falafel sandwiches, locally made jams, the best baklava in the China, piping hot coffee and so much more. It’s a great place to spend an afternoon sipping and munching on a plethora of different goodies.

I headed to Jiashan Market for shopping and lunch with my friend Sammi. A fellow Northwest Ohioan, Sammi is lots of fun and is always looking for a new adventure, so I knew she’d want to check it out with me. We arrived around 2pm and spent the next 90 minutes grazing on samples of hot sauce, granola, baklava and sambousik before deciding on lunch.

I was thrilled to see BYFO Hot Sauces as soon as I walked in. I bought all three Burn Your Face Off sauces last time I went to Jiashan Market. If you’re a fan of tasty and spicy (but not too spicy) sauces then you definitely need to grab a bottle or three. 

Monster Steaks was also at the market selling their beautiful 30-Day Dry Aged Beef and Kastro Olive Oil. Unfortunately I forgot to snap a picture of them, but here’s my full blog post on them if you want to learn more about Monster Steaks and order the best ribeye in Shanghai for your next BBQ.

Featured Post: Monster Steak’s Dry-Aged Ribeye Steaks

Photo Courtesy of CityWeekend
Photo Courtesy of CityWeekend

The only Arabic sweets shop in Shanghai was there and selling boxes and boxes of handmade Arabic sweets. They’re very popular at markets and it’s obvious why. They make fantastic Arabic cookies and even better Baklava! The best part about Al Beik is the owner Anas is so friendly and very generous with his samples. It’s obvious that they take pride in their ingredients and process. Al beik sells different sized boxes of sweets depending on what you prefer. I bought a box of baklava and Sammi grabbed a box of the cookies. I would share but I’m truly in love with their baklava and plan on greedily eating the whole box on my own.

I was disappointed when I got to Bon Pain… Wait! Don’t grab your pitchforks people! My disappointment was not their fault!

By time I arrived they were practically sold out of all of their amazing bread. I should have known better and gotten to the Market earlier just to get a loaf of their amazing sourdough. Authentic and high quality bread can be hard to come by in China since the Chinese don’t eat bread like we do. So finding an authentic bakery can be a bit of a challenge at times. Next to my house there are two bakeries which are fine, but definitely can’t hold a candle to Bon Pain, especially their sourdough. Aurelien was kind enough to put a regular baguette on the side for me and I’m glad he did because by the time I went back for it there was nothing left!

I was getting pretty full from all of the delicious samples but when I saw Eli Falafel, a section of my stomach miraculously opened up and before I knew it was ordering a Chicken Shawarma sandwiches with the works. 

This was Sammi’s first time eating shawarma so she put her trust in me for ordering. We split the sandwich, but I would just like to say I could have eaten it all on my own. It was that good! Pita bread stuffed with thinly sliced marinated chicken, homemade turnips, garlic sauce, tomatoes, french fries and lettuce. But the best part? They crisped up the bread on a panini press! Oh my was it good!



It was deliciously authentic and as I’m typing this I really wish I ate the other half too…

Wael and Mirna, the owners of Eli Falafel also sell hummus, baba ghannoush, garlic sauce, tahini, grapeleaves and falafel in convenient take away containers. Definitely check them out for all of your Lebanese mezza needs.

Full of scrumptious food, Sammi and I were craving a good cup of coffee! Lucky for us Jonas Emil Coffee Roasters was there brewing up heaven in a cup. Sammi treated me for an Americano with a shot of vanilla and this was arguably the best cup of coffee I’ve ever had in Shanghai! It’s no surprise though. They’ve been roasting up coffee in Shanghai since 2009, using a small batch craft roasting process with 100% imported Arabica beans. 

On our way out Sammi picked up a sausage from Amelia’s for her husband. Isn’t she such a good wife?

The sausages smelled delicious but since they’re pork I had to resist the urge to fill my tummy with one. Hopefully she’ll find an alternative to pork casing so I can order it some day. Wistful thinking…

While we waited for the sausage to be packaged, I checked out what Amelia is known best for: jams and chutney’s. Amelia’s jams and chutney are just as good as the ones I used to buy at Borough Market in London. Plus she had a great promotion going on- 3 jars for 100RMB. There are so many unique and creative varieties it was hard to pick just three. Since I already have her Sweet Onion, Pumpkin Chutney, Fig Jam and Tomato-Chili Relish I decided to try out a couple new ones. I bought 3 jars of jams… Cranberry Sauce (which I’ve had before but it’s so good I can eat it with a spoon- alone. I don’t share this one sorry!), Kumquat Marmalade and Raspberry Jam. Tempted as well, Sammi grabbed the Kumquat Marmalade. 

Look at all the goodies I came home with!!


Jiashan Market takes place on the first and third Saturday of every month and is tucked in a side street in Xuhui District. Look for the blue sign off Shaanxi leading you to the alley. Just follow the amazing aroma and sounds of laughter. Keep going until you get to Sisters Restaurant and it’s down the side alley.

No. 37, Lane 550 Shaanxi Nan Lu, near Shaoxing Lu, Xuhui district


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